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Lifetime Warranty

This warranty applies to defects in the metallic body surfaces on your vehicle as a result of repairs performed by THE DENT MAN, INC. It covers your vehicle for as long as it is in service, including subsequent ownership.

Defective areas shall be inspected by THE DENT MAN, INC. and repairs performed by a body shop approved by THE DENT MAN, INC.

Repair charges under this warranty will be paid by THE DENT MAN, INC. Repair charges covered by this warranty in excess of the value of the vehicle will not be paid.

Warranty limitations include those same limitations provided in your Manufacturer's warranty regarding paint finish and anti-corrosion. This warranty does not cover costs incidental to the repair of the affected areas such as lost wages and vehicle rental.

To obtain repairs under this warranty, call us at, 314-729-1500. You will be required to provide the vehicle identification number, the owner's name at the time of repair, and other information pertinent to the repair.

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